Too Corporation was established as a small art supply store in 1919. With "generalization of the design culture" as our mission during the postwar era and "digitization of the design process" during the period of rapid economic growth, we have continued, along with our customers, to correspond to changes in the environment.

Our corporate philosophies are "to create an environment where designers can concentrate on creation" and "contributing to the creative market by devising new design values". Devising new design values... One of these values is our new office.

The concept of this office was to "produce a transparent and well-ventilated workspace through the power of design". The office received high praise from our visiting clients. We have frequently been told that our employees seem to have became more artistically stimulated in their new workspace. This is a representative example with beneficial added value that illustrates how the power of design can progressively change a company.

Furthermore, we are in the process of developing a "space where people can be more creative". The concept is centered around a "space of relaxation surrounded by nature" to heighten one’s creativity. So, as a result, we have established the "Millbrook Resort" in nature-rich New Zealand.

Nowadays, design is playing a more significant role in our society than ever.
In anticipation of our 100th anniversary and to further progress for the next century, we strive to accomplish our mission of "contributing to the nurturing of world-class designs" with the appointed keywords "mobile", "cloud", and "global".

CEO President
Gota Ishii

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